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Really Good Stuff® Counting the Days with Base Ten Pocket Chart™

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Really Good Stuff®
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Start your morning meeting off with an interactive count-the-days-in-school activity with the Counting the Days with Base Ten Pocket Chart™ featuring Pocket Header Cards, Number Cards, Place Value Cards, and Base-ten Blocks to represent each day. It’s easy to provide a visual and concrete representation of the number of days in and the days left in school – something every student takes pleasure in knowing! Each day is featured with a Number Card(s) and Place Value Cards; a Base-ten Blocks representation; and Number Cards for the days in and the days left in school. The Base-ten Blocks and Cards store neatly in 2 included zip-top Storage Bags and a Really Good Instructional Guide provides suggestions for use and a reproducible.

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: The Counting the Days with Base Ten Pocket Chart™ comes with a nylon Pocket Chart (22¼"" by 11¾"") with grommets and magnetic strip; 121 plastic Base-ten Blocks (1 flat, 20 rods, and 100 cubes), 1 Counting the Days in School with Base Ten Header Card (14"" by 2""), 2 Days in School Header Cards (4"" by 2""), 3 Place Value Cards (3"" by 2""), 61 Number Cards (1½"" by 2"" each), 2 zip-top Storage Bags for Blocks and Cards, and Really Good Instructional Guide with suggestions for use.
  • CREATE A MORNING ROUTINE FOR COUNTING THE DAYS IN SCHOOL: Make counting the days in school a fun hands-on math activity as part of your morning meeting or routine!
  • KEEP YOUR STUDENTS ENGAGED IN MATH SKILLS: This handy Counting the Days with Base Ten Pocket Chart is an interactive and engaging way to support math concepts including ordering numbers, place value, subtraction, and base ten activities.
  • PLACE THIS INTERACTIVE POCKET CHART JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE: The compact Counting the Days Pocket Chart is ideal for classrooms with limited display space and easily hangs on a chart stand with grommets or on a magnetic surface with the magnetic strip.
  • PROVIDE A MATH TOOL THAT’S COMMON CORE READY: The Number of the Day Pocket Chart is aligned with Common Core and state standards. You can feel good knowing that it is designed to work with your math curriculum.


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Really Good Stuff®
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