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Really Good Stuff® EZ Stick Sensory Path Rainbow

Item # R166855
Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
Create a sensory pathway in your classroom or a hallway with this voluminous set of 159 EZ Stick decals. You get a huge array of rainbow- themed and colored feet, hands, arrows, spirals, lines, and circles, plus raindrops with numbers on them, and clouds with the alphabet, from which you can design a free-form exercise or activity path. Have fun creating a colorful, involving, and creative activity to get kids wiggles out. Its especially good for students with special needs or ADHD.
  • Shake It Out: Give students the opportunity to get up and move in a healthy and effective way in your classroom, along the sensory path you create with this unique set of EZ Stick labels. Let them shake those wiggles out in a safe way!
  • Great Indoor Activity: Your kids will be entranced by this fun path that gives them a way to move creatively indoors. Use the colorful arrows to create the route and place different activity directions along the way, with the spirals, hands, feet, lines, and circles.
  • So Many Possibilities: Put the hands on the wall and let kids high-five them. Put spirals on the floor and have kids spin around. Create an intricate maze for them to follow. Put the number raindrops down and have them step on them and say the number aloud. Youre only limited by the size of your imagination!
  • Teach Numbers And Letters In A Fun Way: There are 21 raindrops that have numbers on them and 26 clouds with letters of the alphabet. Place them on the floor and have kids step on them and repeat the number or letter. Make learning come alive!
  • No Residue Left Behind: The decals are easily removable and leave no residue. Plus, they can stick to multiple surfaces.
  • Good Quality At A Great Price: These EZ Stick decals are durable and will take all the wear and tear your students can dish out. Plus, theyre reasonably priced compared to other versions on the market.
  • Helps With ADHD: This is an ideal activity for kids with ADHD or attention issues, or other special needs. Give everybody (including you) a brain break! Create a free-form sensory path with a huge array of colorful and varied EZ Stick shapes.
  • Sensory Path’s are great for younger students learning to follow classroom routines and instructions. Our Sensory Paths provide structure to kids having to transition by focusing on the path and activities rather than the other distractions from one place to another.
  • Create a Push Wall: Create an indoor “Push Wall” by writing “PUSH” on the pieces with a permanent marker and sticking them to a wall! A push wall is a great addition to any sensory path as it adds sensory input through engaging a child’s core and limbs in heavy work, which may create a calming effect for increased focus and concentration.

  • 159 EZ Stick decals, various shapes and sizes
  • Size: ranges from 2" circle to 16" by 101/8" start label
  • Shapes: feet, hands, arrows, spirals, lines, circles, clouds, raindrops, start and finish line markers


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
Age / Grade
Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
Assembly Required
Really Good Stuff

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