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Got Grit? Classroom Kit Student, Set of 24

Item # R166838
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Product Overview

Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
What is grit? It's made up of Growth, Resilience, Improvement, and Tenacity! Motivate your students and push them farther in reaching for goals they may feel are unachievable, with all the items in this kit. Theyll feel empowered and proud to display theyve got grit!
  • TEACH GRIT: Teach your students what grit means: Growth, Resilience, Improvement, and Tenacity, using the items in this empowering kit. A person with grit never gives up, and this banner and mini poster set declares what it takes to push forward to ever higher goals. It takes GRIT!
  • DECOR: Decorate the hallway or your classroom with this empowering set of Ready-To-Decorate pennants that encourage kids to push beyond their perceived limits in reaching for ever greater achievements. Award these affirming certificates to your students who show their grit so they can bring them home and show parents their progress, 24 in total.
  • STICKERS MAKE IT STICK: Kids will be proud to show off they've got grit when you give them one of these stickers that show theyve not only tried their best, they've gone further! When your students have pushed themselves to go beyond what they believe are their limits, show them you recognize their efforts and accomplishments by handing out a Got Grit pencil!
  • UNIQUE: Students (and adults) need grit to get through lifes challenges, and this unique line of products puts the focus on the qualities it requires. Inspire your students to reach for ever higher goals by developing the grit to get there.


Age / Grade
Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
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