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Excellerations® Bilingual Emotions Dolls - Complete Set

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Ages 2+ / Toddler
Generate discussions about social emotional understanding and emotion management with these plush dolls that express eight unique emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, peacefulness, surprise, shyness and disgust. These dolls allow children to talk about their emotions in a way that is comforting and safe due to the soft, huggable nature of the plush dolls. Get children started on learning how to recognize facial expressions and conveyed emotions with relatable characters and multi-ethnic dolls that they can see themselves in – further prompting discussion due to the dolls’ familiar nature. Each doll is easy to clean and machine washable, making them fantastic picks for preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms.

Emotional cognition tools and mindfulness activities are great for promoting empathy and helping children to understand and accept their emotions, as well as learning visual cues for recognizing those emotions in others. They make for good choices for students with any kinds of needs, including those with autism, ADHD or other special needs. Use them for homeschooling environments or at daycares or any other environments with young children. Due to their bilingual nature, featuring words for each emotion in both English and Spanish, they’re also great for facilitating early language skills.

Eight huggable, expressive dolls help children identify and accept strong emotions and understand how their actions affect themselves and others. Dolls are 18" tall with embroidered features, appliqued hair, and removable clothing. Dolls display eight emotions: happy, sad, scared, mad, peaceful, surprised, shy, and disgusted. Recommended for children ages 3 years and older.

  • SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Young children experience a variety of emotions, often very intensely. The Emotions Plush Dolls allow children the opportunity to talk about emotions with the security of a cute, huggable, expressive doll.
  • EMOTION MANAGEMENT: When children learn to recognize and label emotions, they begin to express feelings appropriately and manage their intense emotions.
  • PROMOTES EMPATHY: As children learn to accept their emotions, they begin to realize that others also have similar feelings. This awareness helps children understand how their actions affect themselves and others.
  • DETAILED CONSTRUCTION: 18" tall plush dolls have finely embroidered facial features, soft appliqued hair, and bright clothing with the name of each emotion printed in both English and Spanish. Clothing is removable and machine washable.
  • SET OF 8 DOLLS: Complete set of dolls showcases the emotions happy, sad, scared, mad, peaceful, surprised, shy, and disgusted. Set features a mix of gender and ethnicities.


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Ages 2+ / Toddler
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