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Really Good Stuff Magnet - Discount School Supply

Really Good Stuff Magnet

Really Good Stuff® Place Value Display Magnets Set
▾ More Details ▾ Enhance your math lessons with the Place Value Display Magnet Set and help students build place-value fluency on their level as they manipulate Period and Place Value Labels from decimals through billions. It makes the perfect hands-on math tool for introducing, teaching, and reinforcing place value for higher numbers and decimals too! As students order the Period Label Magnets and place the Comma and Decimal Point Magnets, they begin to form a connecting visual to ...
Ready-To-Decorate® Student Name Paw-Print Magnets - 32 magnets
▾ More Details ▾ Let Your Students Write Their Names On These Magnets And Use Them To Label Everything! Your students will love being able to decorate and write their names on these magnets, and you will find yourself using them to label so many things in the classroom, without the need for adhesive or tape!*32 Customizable Magnets: Kids will love the cute paw-print shaped magnets they can decorate and personalize with their names. Sturdy vinyl magnets come in ...
Where Is Everyone? Magnetic Board And Magnets Set
▾ More Details ▾ Always Know Where Your Students Are With This Handy Tracking System It's easy to keep track of students' whereabouts at all times on this magnetic dry erase board. When they leave the room, they move their magnet from "In This Classroom" to one of the other six spaces that you can label with different locations, such as "Restroom," "Music Room," or "Office." Label one section "Absent" to hold the magnets for students who aren't in ...
Classroom Label Magnets - Fizz! - 12 magnets
▾ More Details ▾ Easily Label Your Classroom With Color-Coded Magnets In A Fun, Fizzy Design Use these durable, write-on/wipe-off magnets as nameplates or to label learning centers, lockers, file drawers...you name it! Pair them with other items in our bubbly Fizz! design.*12 Magnets In 6 Grouping Colors: This set includes two magnets in each of six grouping colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Easily color-code your small groups.*Simple And Versatile: Label subjects on your whiteboard, ...
Student Name Paw Print Magnets - 32 magnets
▾ More Details ▾ Assign Tasks, Manage Groups, And Decorate Your Classroom With Magnetic Paw Prints
Write students' names on these adorable paw print magnets, then use them to identify groups, assign tasks, tally lunch choices, and more.
32 diecut * write-on/wipe-off magnets * Size: 3½" by 2¾" each

Flexible Seating Management Kit - poster and magnet set
▾ More Details ▾ Organize Seating Options In Your Classroom With This Innovative Flexible Seating Management Kit Innovative organization system lets teachers manage up to 10 different flexible seating options for up to 36 students. Comes with posters for classroom seating rules and tracking, a colorful set of magnets for designating the seating plan, plus reproducibles such as a parent letter, student contract, classroom layout grid, and student expectations.*Manage Flexible Seating Groups: Teachers can ...
Group-Color Student Name Star Magnets - 6 Colors
▾ More Details ▾ Organize Small Groups With Color-Coded, Dry Erase Star Magnets Write students names on these 32 write-on/wipe-off, star-shaped magnets and organize them into six color-coded groups. Coordinates with our other group-color products. 32 write-on/wipe-off magnets * Size: approximately 3" by 3" each * Colors: 5 or 6 each of red * orange * yellow * green * blue * and purple
Student Name Backpack Magnets
▾ More Details ▾ Easily Manage Classroom Tasks And Assignments With Personalized Magnets
Write each students name on one of these versatile magnets and you're ready to assign groups and jobs, take attendance and lunch count, and more. The write-on/wipe-off surface cleans easily for repeated use.
32 diecut * write-on/wipe-off magnets * Size: 2" by 3" each

Fraction Magnets Set - 16 Color-Coded Magnets
▾ More Details ▾ Get your students thinking about higher-level fractions with this hands-on Fractions Magnet Set featuring circle Magnets for 1 whole and divided into halves, fourths, sixths, eighths, and twelfths; and rectangle Magnets for 1 whole and divided into halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, and twelfths. It’s the perfect interactive math tool to get your students creating equivalent fractions as they manipulate fractional pieces. Plus, the set includes a large magnetic Number ...