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Really Good Stuff® Place Value Display Magnets Set

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Really Good Stuff®
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Enhance your math lessons with the Place Value Display Magnet Set and help students build place-value fluency on their level as they manipulate Period and Place Value Labels from decimals through billions. It makes the perfect hands-on math tool for introducing, teaching, and reinforcing place value for higher numbers and decimals too! As students order the Period Label Magnets and place the Comma and Decimal Point Magnets, they begin to form a connecting visual to help them as they learn place value math vocabulary and complete daily assignments. And, because it’s magnetic, you can use it on any magnetic-receptive surface in your classroom! This versatile tool is the perfect place-value resource for whole-class and small-group instruction, practice, and reinforcement for all levels!
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: The Place Value Display Magnet Set contains 24 laminated Magnets including 1 Decimal Point, 3 Commas, 5 Period Labels, and 15 Place Values (¾"" to 10""W; ¾"" to 2¾""H); a resealable plastic Storage Bag (8"" by 8""); and a Really Good Stuff® Activity Guide with suggestions for use.
  • IT’S EASY TO TAILOR A PLACE-VALUE CHART FOR YOUR STUDENTS’ LEVEL: Choose Period and Place Value Magnets for your students’ level and display them on a magnetic surface for reference. As students advance in their learning, you can add the next level of Period Labels and Place Values to the display.
  • TEACH PLACE-VALUE VOCABULARY IN AN INTERACTIVE WAY: You can bring place-value vocabulary to a new, visual level as students place the appropriate Period Label Magnets in the proper sequence and the Place Value vocabulary below each.
  • MEET YOUR PLACE-VALUE TEACHING LOCATION NEEDS: It’s easy to teach and reinforce place-value concepts anywhere you have a magnetic surface in your classroom. Just move the Labels from whiteboard (whole class instruction) to filing cabinet (small group lesson), or even to cookie sheets for individual reinforcement!
  • CREATED BY TEACHERS FOR TEACHERS: This Place Value Display Magnet Set was created by experienced classroom teachers on the Really Good Stuff's product-development team to make your place-value lessons a success!


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Really Good Stuff®
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