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Colorations® World of Art - Ghana Stampers & Stamp Pads

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Ages 3+ / Grades PreK+
Adinkra from Ghana lets you tell a story through symbols that represent positive attributes - caring, wisdom, cooperation, and more. Soft chunky symbol stampers include the Ghanian name and English translation of each symbol. Use in the classroom to bring different cultures together utilizing crafts from different regions. A guide is included. Part of the Colorations® World of Art series - get all the kits and explore the world through art! Recommended for ages 3+.

  • CELEBRATE DIVERSITY WITH ART. How could a king let everyone know how wise and brave he was? With Adinkra - special symbols he created that could be stamped on clothing fit for royalty. Discover the art of Adinkra from Ghana, from its ancient origins to modern day use in decorative arts.
  • EASY AND FUN. Each stamp has a picture of a symbol, the Ghanian name, and the English translation. Just press the stampers into the included stamp pads to create borders, then tell your story with symbols of hope, patience, friendship and more. Sized just right so even young artists can stamp symbols with the chunky, soft 3.5" foam stampers.
  • PERFECT FAMILY OR PARTY ACTIVITY. A border stamper and 16 symbol stampers means there's plenty for everyone to get involved. Create a poster, wall hanging, or even a tablecloth or pillowcase - a great group project for many creative hands!
  • EVERYTHING'S INCLUDED. You get 1 border stamper to make rows, columns and boxes, 16 symbol stampers with Ghanian and English names of each symbol, and 2 jumbo stamp pads. Just open the box and start stamping! Kit includes simple instructions and information about the art of Adinkra.
  • EXPLORE THE WORLD THROUGH ART: Adinkra is part of the Colorations World of Art series You get a guide that includes bringing together culture and crafts from different regions. Acquire all the kits and explore the world through art!


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Ages 3+ / Grades PreK+
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