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Foam Painting Dabbers Set of 12

From $11.99

Product Overview

Foam Paintin Dabbers, Set of 12 easy to grip dabber!

  • TEXTURES: Fun Paint Sponge Applicators that include 2 different textures. Set of 12, 6 of each textures. Dab or drag these applicators.
  • CHUNKY HANDLES: Explore paint using dabbers with chunky, super sturdy handles that are easy for little hands to hold. Instead of using brushes try these!
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST PAINT: Tempera Paint, Watercolor Paint, Bio Color Paint, Finger Paint, Gel Paint are all great to use with these applicators.
  • CREATIVITY: Experiment with mixing colors and textures and even combine with brushes to create different artwork.
  • EASY TO WASH: Wash clean with soap and water. Once dry can be used again and again.