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Chill Zone Privacy Shield

Item # R164637

Product Overview

This igloo inspired privacy station gives students a place to chill whether they need some alone time, a place to cool off when they re frustrated or upset, or just a place to relax.*CREATES A QUIET PLACE: If you have a child that needs to be auditorily or visually kept apart, this creates that space that help with those distractions.*CREATES A SAFE SPACE: Sometimes children need a place where they can go to be alone, without feeling like they will get in trouble. It is a great place for them to reflect on their feelings.*EXTRA TALL DESIGN: 50" height is tall enough to put around a desk or to have a small child inside without being seen.*EASY TO USE:The one-piece design makes this easy to set-up, even for children. It is light weight, so it is easy to move as well!*EASY TO STORE: Due to the fold-flat nature of this Chill Zone, it is easily stored in a closet, next to a filing cabinet, or even under a bed!

* 1 coated corrugated privacy nook
* Size: 25"W by 50"H
* 36" deep at base


Assembly Required
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