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Errol's Garden - 1 book

Item # R707851
Child's Play
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More than anything, Errol wants a proper outdoor garden, but he doesn’t have a yard. In this heartwarming story written and illustrated by Gillian Hibbs, the dream of this one small boy unites the diverse community of people who live in his building in a positive and enriching experience for everyone—a rooftop garden.
  • Uplifting Story And Illustrations: Bright pictures accompany this positive story about a young boy whose neighbors help him achieve his dream.
  • Celebrate Diversity And The Power Of Working Together: Young Errol is able to live his dream of having an outdoor garden with the help of a diverse group of people who live in his building. In the end, everyone benefits from the bounty of the harvest in this beautiful tale.
  • Cultivate Classroom Community: This book will serve as an example for your students and motivate them to be part of an inclusive classroom community.
  • Inspire Kids To Dream: At first, Errol’s dream of an outdoor garden seems like an impossibility. But with a little creativity and a lot of help from his friends and neighbors, Errol’s dream comes true, and everyone benefits from the beauty and the bounty of the garden.Show children the beauty of inclusiveness and diversity with this heartwarming story.


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Child's Play
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