Safety Information

Safety Information
Product safety is the top priority at Discount School Supply®. We utilize one of the largest independent testing laboratories in the world.


Excelligence Learning Corporation and its subsidiary companies are committed to the delivery of safe, high-quality products to children, parents, teachers and childcare center operators. As a well-respected global leader in the childhood education industry, we are dedicated to ensuring that our products and brand commitments are supported by a robust quality assurance program. To meet this commitment, the Excelligence companies maintain a quality-focused culture to ensure the highest priority is placed on product safety and reliability.

To meet our quality objectives, Excelligence commits to the following: 

  1. Our approach to ensuring the quality and safety of our products will be guided by compliance with applicable state, federal and international quality regulations, codes and standards (as applicable to a particular product or business unit); 
  2. Business unit leaders will ensure procedures are in place that adequately define the expectations for work that supports, or directly affects, product quality, product registration and/or data that supports product quality and consumer safety; 
  3. We will commit to continuously challenging ourselves to improve our quality assurance system to guarantee product safety, prevent quality incidents and eliminate defects through the review of quality objectives and results; 
  4. Members of the Quality Assurance Team will have the appropriate education, training, skills and experience to carry out their work competently, in accordance with applicable regulations and quality policies and procedures; 
  5. Records, documentation and data will be managed in accordance with applicable regulations; 
  6. We will ensure that processes for escalating issues to ensure product integrity and consumer safety are in place and consistently used; and 
  7. We will ensure that our third-party suppliers understand and agree that our sourced products must meet applicable regulatory standards and will be tested to ensure these standards are being met. 

Quality is an integral part of the Excelligence companies’ core business principles. These principles guide our actions to deliver products that are safe, compliant and preferred. At Excelligence, our commitment is to never compromise on the quality and safety of our products. Quality and safety are essential for the achievement of our ambition to be recognized and trusted to early childhood products that enhance the quality of a child’s educational experience and contribute to a healthier future.