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Classroom Bags 24 Pack

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Product Overview

Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
These durable bags with an adorable design are ideal for carrying folders, papers, and books between home and school. Theres a blank space to label the bags, they zip closed, and theyre transparent, so its easy to view the contents. Youll find dozens of uses for them!*[b]Keep Items Close And Safe:[/b] The adorably designed clear classroom bags allow papers and books to transport back and forth safely and cleanly between school and home.*[b]Identify Contents Or Student:[/b] You can write on the front of the bag to identify the owner or the contents.*[b]Clear Bags Let You See![/b] The see-through bags zip closed and let you view the contents easily.*[b]Dozens Of Uses:[/b] Youll be surprised at the numerous ways these bags will come in handy. Theyre the right size for papers and books, but lend themselves to storing and carrying a myriad of other objects!*[b]Pretty Design:[/b] The colorful, cheerful design will catch students eyes, so the bags will be less likely to get lost under a pile of other things![b]Transport small items, papers, and books safely and cleanly between school and home with these adorable plastic storage bags![/b]

•24 zip-top plastic bags
•Size: 11" by 12" each


Age / Grade
Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
Assembly Required
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