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12" X 9" Two-Sided Magnetic Primary-Lined Dry Erase Boards - Set Of 12

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Get Two Boards In One With Our New, Improved Primary Lined/Blank Magnetic Dry Erase Boards!
These dry erase boards are blank on one side, with primary lines on the other and mdash;and both sides are magnetic! Writing guidelines include a red baseline, dotted midline, and skip line for descenders. The new, improved boards are durable and have a more attractive backing.*Sturdy Construction: We updated the design of our whiteboards, making them more durable and giving them a more attractive backing.*Double-Sided And Magnetic: One side of the board is lined for handwriting practice. The other side is blank.*Perfect Size For Students: These 12" by 9" boards fit nicely in students' laps or on their desks.*Boards Support A Variety Of Subjects: Build words with magnet letters. Solve math problems or write sentences with a dry erase marker. These boards will come in handy for every subject.*Save Paper With Dry Erase: Cut down on paper waste. Have students practice handwriting, spelling, math, and more on these erasable, magnetic boards.Save paper and outfit your classroom with 12 magnetic, primary lined/blank whiteboards sized just right for kids.
12 double-sided * magnetic Write Again® boards * blank on one side/ primary lines on the other * Size: 12" by 9" each (Size may vary up to ½".)


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Really Good Stuff®
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