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Weather Science Center

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A fun game to help students learn about weather! Students take turns pulling sticks from the box and answering the question. If they get it correct they keep the stick, but be careful not to pull a struck stick or else you have to return some sticks to the box!*CHALLENGE: Each center offers a challenge or game for between 2 to 4 players.*INSTRUCTIONS: There are instructions and suggestions for taking it further included in each center.*VOCABULARY: Each center includes a card with vocabulary that will help players grasp the concepts.*ENGAGEMENT: These centers are engaging as well as educational. They are a hands-on way for learning science concepts.*FAMILY FUN: These centers have challenges and games that are good for the whole family to get involved in science concepts.
1 - instruction card; size 8" x 10" * 1 Vocabulary card; size 8" x 10" * 50 sticks * 6" x .75" * Storage box * 2.5" x 2.5" x 6.25" * 4 Page Repro * 11" x 17" * 1 hanging plastic bag * Size: 11" by 13"

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