4 Back to School Must Haves for Your Preschool Classroom

by Emily Manabe

The first back to school must have for your preschool classroom are rest mats! Rest mats are perfect for nap time or just sitting on the floor while they are playing or listening to a story.

The second back to school must have is the classroom wall calendar that you can use to talk about the days of the week, what month and year it is, today’s date, the weather and other classroom events.

Our third back to school must have for your preschool classroom is outdoor play items! Not all teaching is done in the classroom which is why it is important that the kids are outside playing! You can use outdoor learning kits, tricycles, wagons, slides and more.

Our fourth and final back to school classroom must have is manipulatives! These are great for teaching preschoolers motor skills and they are easy to put together and also helps encourage cooperative play!


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