Cooking Up Fun in the Mud Kitchen

by Sharron Krull

A mud kitchen is the perfect addition for your outdoor classroom! Not only is it fun for kids, it allows for the messy, creative, and sensory experiences that all children need. Make mud pies, dirt cupcakes, flower cakes and more!

International Mud Day was June 29. Children from all over the world celebrated by experiencing the natural joys of playing in the mud!

A wonderful and inviting addition to your outdoor classroom is the mud kitchen. A mud kitchen encourages dramatic play and allows for the messy, creative, and sensory experiences that all children need. This mud kitchen is made from eucalyptus wood and has a working pump that you can fill with water. Children will love using the real faucet to make muddy concoctions and pretend food. Kids can even wash up in the sink when they are done playing. There is a shelf and hooks for storing kitchenware.

Add the prep & serve stainless-steel utensil set - which includes a colander, three pans, lid, whisk, ladle, slotted spoon, spaghetti server, wooden spoons, forks, large spoons, small spoons, and knives - to give your mud kitchen an authentic feel.

Time to get started! No mud, no problem! You can buy topsoil from a nursery or a building supplier. By mixing soil, water, sand and other natural materials like leaves, pebbles, or grass, any chef can mix up a culinary treat. Bon appétit!

• Birthday Flower Cake - dirt + sand + water + flowers + small sticks as candles
• Mud Pie - soil + rocks + water + sprinkle of sand
• Dirt Cupcake - dirt + water + muffin tins/cupcake liners + small rocks + shells
• Petal Soup - flower petals + blades of grass + water
• Stick Stew - dirt + grass + leaves + sticks + acorns + water
• Hot Chocolate - dirt + water + sun
• Dirt Dough - 3 cups dirt + 3 cups flour + 1 cup oil
• Leaf Bread - dirt + flour + water + leaves on top

Product Recommendations:
Mud Kitchen (MUDKIT)
Prep & Serve Stainless-Steel Utensil Set (PREPTIME)

Sharron Krull

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