This activity gives young children an opportunity to discuss what happens to sand when you add water. When water is added to sand it becomes moldable and the children can construct items that they cannot create when the sand is dry.

set up ideas:
It's best to place the two tubs in an area where the children can easily see and feel the sand inside.

let's get started

For this activity, you will need plain, dry sand that is not treated to be moldable, a spray bottle filled with water and an assortment of sand play tools.

step 1
Place two tubs of dry sand next to each other and gather the children around.
step 2
Have the children spray water into one of the tubs and rake or mix the water and sand until it is moldable.
step 3
Have the children use tools as well as their bare hands to compare how the sand in each of two tubs feels differently.
step 4
Have the children construct something in the wet sand, like a tower, etc. Have them experiment with what they can create using only the dry sand.

Discuss the different textures between the wet and dry sand. Which is better for creating structures? Which do the children prefer? Discuss the sensory aspects of each.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
Keep cleanup supplies handy. Better yet, take this activity outside where a little loose sand on the ground will not be a problem.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Encourage further learning and exploration by having the children play using any molding or sculpting tools available.