an activity for all preschoolers:
These craft stick and button trees are a unique take on the classic Christmas tree!

before you begin:
For a fresh take on Christmas tree crafts, try these craft stick trees adorned with buttons! You'll need to gather craft sticks, buttons in various colors and sizes and either glue, glue dots or double-sided tape.

Each tree will require 3 full-length craft sticks and 1 craft stick cut in half. For more colorful trees, use colored craft sticks or color natural craft sticks with paint or markers.

activity goals:
To build fine motor skills and explore children's creativity.

Provide an ample assortment of buttons for children to create unique, colorful trees!

let's get started

step 1
Make a triangle with 3 craft sticks and adhere them together at the corners using glue dots, double-sided tape or regular glue.
step 2
For the center piece, cut a fourth stick in half and adhere it across the middle of the triangle.
step 3
Adhere the other half of the fourth stick to the bottom as the tree trunk.
step 4
Adhere buttons onto the tree as desired.
step 5
Begin affixing buttons as desired to the tree.