Clay MoM Ring Holder
An Activity for School-Age:
A charming keepsake with functionality!

Before You Begin:
The main ingredient in this Mother's Day keepsake is air-dry clay. You'll also need clay tools, paper, scissors, a pencil and a small bowl.

Activity Goals:
Create a one of a kind functional keepsake for mom.

Paint "MOM," use mom's favorite color or create a totally colorful handprint.

Trace a hand using a pencil and paper.
Use scissors to cut out the handprint.
Place the paper handprint on top of a piece of air-dry clay rolled smooth and about 1/4" thick.
Using a clay tool and the paper handprint as a guide, cut a handprint out of the clay.
As the clay hand begins to dry, lay it inside of a small bowl or on the outside of an overturned bowl so that the hand dries in a cupped shape.
Once dry, the hand will be cupped to hold jewelry, paperclips or other small items.
Paint the hand with washable paint and allow the paint to dry.
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