Liquid Watercolor™ Paper Flowers
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Make and gather your own bouquet.

Before You Begin:
Gather materials needed for activity: Liquid Watercolor™ Texas Snowflakes, droppers, spray bottles, bingo bottles, paintbrushes, Liquid Watercolor™ paint and pipe cleaners. You may want to pre-fill bottles ahead of time with paint and pre-cut coffee filters into 2 inch strips for the petals.

Activity Goals:
  • To encourage creativity and fine motor skills
  • To have fun with an open-ended art activity

    This is a great way to allow children to experiment with colors and to demonstrate how open-ended and creative art can be. The teacher may also talk to children about the famous painter Jackson Pollack and his unique abstract art techniques.

  • BioColor® Paint - 16 oz.

    BioColor® Paint - 16 oz.
    BIO Your Price: $3.99

    Nancy™ Paint Bottles Twist Tops, 2 oz. - Set of 12

    Nancy™ Paint Bottles Twist Tops, 2 oz. - Set of 12
    NANTWS Your Price: $13.99

    Nancy™ Bottle Chrome Caddy

    Nancy™ Bottle Chrome Caddy
    NANCAD Your Price: $12.99

    Fabric Squares - 150 Pieces

    Fabric Squares - 150 Pieces
    FAB Your Price: $7.99

    Step 1.
    Place a canvas or fabric remnant on a plastic tarp.
    Step 2.
    Give each child a selection of BioColor® paints in Nancy™ Bottles.
    Step 3.
    Invite children to drip and drizzle BioColor® over surface using gross motor movements.
    Step 4.
    Apply lots of color, then let dry flat and hang to display.
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