One-to-one correspondence and counting are incredibly vital in early childhood education. This activity allows children to see numbers in a fun, physical way to boost their understanding.

set up ideas:
Display a chart with numbers 1 through 10. Having the numbers written visually can help children associate the amount with the numeric symbol.

let's get started

Clear floor space for this activity. Scatter a variety of buttons (the bigger the better) or a similar object around the area. Place a couple large bowls within the space.

step 1
Have the children each remove a sock from one of their feet. If they have dirty feet, wipe them down with a washcloth or baby wipes.
step 2
Encourage the children to pick up the buttons with their toes and drop them into the bowl.
step 3
Invite the children to count the buttons in the bowl after the buttons have all been picked up.
step 4
Have the children place the buttons out of the bowl as they count. They may try again to see if they can grab more in the time given.

Ask children to compare picking up buttons with their toes to picking up buttons with their fingers. Discuss how the opposable thumbs on our hands make the task much easier.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
You can have the children count out loud while they place the buttons into the bowl or when they remove them. This helps build counting skills.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Turn it into a race! Who can collect the most buttons? Time your children and chart their times on the board. This may be better suited for older children.