Like most activities, counting is more fun with a water table! This activity gives children an opportunity to practice counting and critical fine motor skills while enjoying a childhood favorite toy: floating rubber ducks.

set up ideas:
Gather a sand and water table or an appropriate tub that all the children will be able to see clearly and reach with the tongs.

let's get started

For this fun fowl activity, you'll need to gather 10 rubber ducks, 10 plastic shower curtain rings, water table or tub and large tongs or pincers.

step 1
Fill the water table with enough water for the ducks to float easily. Then, place the ducks in the tub to float.
step 2
Have the children use the tongs to pick up individual curtain rings and place them on the necks of the floating rubber ducks.
step 3
Have the children count out loud as they place each ring on the neck of a rubber duck.
step 4
Then challenge the children to reverse the action by taking the ring off the neck of each duck. This will be a challenge as the ducks move around the surface of the water.

In addition to counting the rings as they are placed on the ducks, have the children talk about what parts of this activity are difficult for them. Is it easy or difficult to use the tongs? To place the rings? To pick them up? This is a good intro to self-analysis.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
If you don't have shower rings, any small round plastic ring will do. Just make sure that the children will be able to place them over the necks of the rubber ducks.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
You may add numbers or letters to the bottoms of the rubber ducks and then have children pick them out of the water table, name them and even place them in order.