an activity for preschoolers:
These fun, festive apple trees are a perfect craft to go along with a unit on apples, fall harvests, or Johnny Appleseed!

before you begin:
Consider cutting slits in the craft rolls and the tree shapes out beforehand.

activity goals:
Develop fine motor skills Practice artistic expression

You can expand this activity by using different colors of construction paper and creating trees for each season of the year.

let's get started

step 1
Trace a treetop shape on to green construction paper and cut out with scissors.
step 2
Cut a 1” slit on each side of one end of the craft roll. Once the treetop shape is completed, you will insert the treetop shape into the slits.
step 3
Glue red pom-poms or tissue squares onto treetop shape.
step 4
If desired, using a green marker, decorate the treetop further by making small circles on the paper.
step 5
Once complete, insert the treetop shape into the slits on the craft roll.