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Board Games for 7 Years and Up - Set of 6

Hasbro Games
From $137.47 $140.07

Product Overview

Put your thinking cap on!
  • Older children will reinforce spelling, math and deductive reasoning skills as they play these gaming classics
  • Includes Clue®, Life, Monopoly®, Battleship, Yahtzee and Scrabble
  • Ages 7 years and up
*The classic game of "Whodunit?"
*Develops deductive reasoning skills
*For 3-6 players
*Ages 8 years and up

The Game of Life®:
*Spin the wheel of fate to see what life brings you in this family classic
*For 2-6 players
*Ages 9 years and up

*Buy real estate, collect rent, build hotels and try not to go broke playing the world's most popular board game!
*For 2-8 players
*Ages 8 years and up

*The classic naval combat game
*Reinforces plotting and graphing skills
*For 2 players
*Ages 7 years and up

*Throw the dice to build straights, full houses and 5-of-a-kind
*For 1 or more players
*Ages 8 years and up

*The all-American classic crossword game
*Genuine wood tiles and racks
*For 2-4 players
*Ages 8 years and up