This activity helps children practice the order of numerals 0–9 by having them place numbered cards in the correct order. A great activity for individual children or small group practice!

set up ideas:
Use premade cards or have children create their own cards with construction paper and decorating materials.

let's get started

For this simple numerical activity, you'll need a deck of 0-9 cards with one number on each card for each child or pair of children working together. The children should have a good foundation for recognizing the numeral symbol for each number.

step 1
Give each child or pair of children a deck of cards that has been shuffled.
step 2
Have a child pull one card out of the deck, identify the number and place it on the table.
step 3
Have the child draw another card and place it either before or after the first card based on whether the numeral comes before or after.
step 4
Have the child continue drawing cards, one at a time and placing them on the table where they belong in numerical order.

Assist the children as needed in counting and placing their cards to determine the correct order. You may count out loud with them. Discuss which numbers they had trouble with and where those numbers fit.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
You may divide children up into pairs, have children work individually, or get a whole class involved by taking turns drawing a card and placing it in the correct spot.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Use the cards as flash cards. Pull a card and have the children say the numeral, which number comes right before it and which number comes right after it.