an activity for school age:
Peek in at these spooky ghosts!

before you begin:
Gather these ghosts around the window with just a few materials: jumbo colored craft sticks and regular colored craft sticks, eye stickers, scissors, glue, black construction paper and white paper.

activity goals:
To develop fine motor skills while creating a charming holiday craft.

You may wish to glue magnets to the back of the windows or add yarn for more ways to display this spooky craft.

let's get started

step 1
Choose 4 jumbo craft sticks and 2 regular craft sticks.
step 2
Glue the jumbo sticks in a square to create the window frame. Glue the regular-size craft sticks onto the frame in a cross shape to create the window panes.
step 3
Cut a square piece of black paper construction paper approximately 4-1/2".
step 4
Trace a child's hand onto white paper and help them to cut it out.
step 5
Glue the white paper hand onto the black construction paper, then add eye stickers onto the palm.
step 6
Glue the black construction paper onto the back of the window so that the ghost is peeking out.