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Really Good Stuff® Behavior Management Posters - 4 posters

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Really Good Stuff®
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Manage Your Classs Behavior With These Ingenious Posters!
Manage your classs behavior with these four double-sided, interactive posters. Theyre write-on/wipe-off so you can write expectations, goals, and incentives and add to the picture on them with a dry erase marker each time the class demonstrates positive behavior. The set is a reusable and affordable way to leave directions for guest teachers or whenever youre out of the classroom!*4 Mini Posters, 8 Sides: Two sides of the posters are for displaying classroom expectations. The other six are for tracking goals. You can draw spots on the lady bug, pepperoni on the pizza, bubbles in the fish bowl, seeds in the watermelon, marshmallows in the hot cocoa, or apples on the tree each time your class shows positive behavior.*Great For Guest Teachers: Set this system up for when you have a guest teacher or otherwise will be away from the classroom. Kids will know what is expected of them, and so will the substitute!*No-Prep! This system makes preparing for your absence a breeze. Just write down your expectations and post them before you leave. Your instructions will be crystal clear!*Simplify Classroom Management! Keeping order in your classroom is the foundation for effective learning, but it isnt always easy, especially when youre not there! Keep the reins held tight, even when theres a substitute, with this interactive behavior management tool.Organize the entire classs behavior with these write-on/wipe-off behavior management posters!
4 double-sided posters * Write Again wipe-off laminate * Size: 12" by 19" each


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Really Good Stuff®
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