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Really Good Stuff® Go For It Chips - Set of 100 with 50 Unique Messages

Item # 172125
Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
Kids love getting a supportive note from a teacher or a parent! These chips are a great way to encourage kids to try new things and inspire them to “Go For It”! The inspirational sayings are meant to empower children to think positively and develop confidence and resilience. These 2.25” round chips have two each of 50 different, kid-friendly, upbeat messages of encouragement and validation, perfect for spreading positivity and social-emotional learning. These support tools feature fun designs on the back which can also be used as a space to customize a note to the child in permanent marker. To take it further, have children make their own messages of inspiration and spread kindness and positivity with others, both young and old!

  • WHAT YOU GET: 100 Chips with 50 unique messages. There are two of each of these 2.25” chips, so you have a wide variety of encouraging messages to give out. Each set also comes with an instruction card featuring additional suggestions for use!
  • PLENTY OF UNIQUE MESSAGES: With 50 different kid-friendly upbeat messages, you can find ones to match the mood or situation of any child, offering timely words of hope and wisdom.
  • INSPIRING DESIGNS: Each chip is embellished with colorful, artful designs, adding to their overall cheerfulness and inspiration.
  • GIVE KIDS A BOOST: These chips are an easy way for you to give kids a boost and show them you care, whether they’re having a bad day, need some extra support, or just need a little surprise to make their day!
  • STURDY KEEPSAKES: Made from thick cardboard, these Go For It Chips can be kept by children as treasured reminders of important messages!
  • TAKE IT FURTHER: Encourage your kids to think of their own “Go For It” messages and have them share with others to spread even more kindness and positivity.
  • DIMENSIONS: 2.25" round. 100 Chips - 50 Different Sayings.


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
Age / Grade
Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
Assembly Required
Really Good Stuff

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