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Be A Role Model Kit Student Set Of 24

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Ages 5+ / Grades K+
Encourage your students to be role models with this ingenious kit that includes stickers, pencils, a display poster with six interchangeable mini posters, wall decals, and Ready-To-Decorate posters that let students learn about how to become a role model, write down the attributes, and make a plan to become one! Teacher tracker cards allow you to reward the role model behavior and send the cards home so parents know as well. Kids will be proud of their improved behavior!
  • Teach How To Role Model: Teach your students what it means to be a role model with this encouraging kit.
  • 6-in-1 Poster Teaches The Steps: The laminated 6-in-1 poster displays the role model focus of the week or month and has slits for six mini posters that target a particular aspect on 12 unique sides. Use the picture frame mini posters to highlight individual students who exhibit role model behavior by adding their pictures!
  • Say It With Stickers And Pencils: Every kid loves to get a sticker and a pencil. There are 36 stickers and 24 pencils in this kit to reward your budding role models.
  • Cool Wall Decals: Intriguing EZ Stick wall decals come on a large sheet in seven die-cut shapes, each of which proclaims a different aspect of role model behavior.
  • 24 Ready-To-Decorate Posters Teach How To Role Model: The black-and-white Ready-To-Decorate posters allow each child to learn how to be a role model, write different attributes down, and design a plan of how to become one this school year. When you post them students can admire their hard work!
  • Track And Reward With Fun Cards: As better behavior starts blossoming in your classroom, use these cute tracking cards to acknowledge the improvements. Kids will be proud to get a punch on their cards. It will encourage further positive change in your class, and you can send the full card home to parents to let them in on the good news!Encourage your entire class to model good behavior with this thoughtfully designed Be A Role Model kit.

  • 36 stickers
  • Size: 2" round each
  • 6-in-1 poster set, laminated (main poster with slits to display the 6 double-sided mini posters)
  • Main Poster Size: 19" by 24"
  • Mini Poster Size: 12" by 12" each
  • 7 EZ Stick wall decals
  • Size: smallest, 5" by 5"; largest, 9" by 8"
  • 24 Ready-To-Decorate posters
  • Size: 17" by 22" each
  • 24 tracking cards, plus an instruction card
  • Size: 4" by 5" each
  • 24 pencils
  • Colors: 12 each of two colors: turquoise prism and purple prism

Brand Name
Really Good Stuff
Age / Grade
Ages 5+ / Grades K+
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Really Good Stuff