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Spike Silicone Fidget Grip - 8 Pack

Item # R707115
US Toy
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Ages 6+ / Grades 1+
Keep Students Calm And Focused With Sensory Fidget Pencil Grips

Covered in soft, sturdy, silicone spikes, these colorful pencil grips provide sensory stimulation. Just stick one on your pencil and twirl, squeeze, and squish to expend excess energy quietly without disrupting classmates. Size: 1-3/4" in diameter by 1-1/2"H each

  • 8-PACK IN ASSORTED COLORS OFFERS A QUIET ALTERNATIVE TO FIDGET TOYS: Ideal for classroom, home, or office use, these pencil grips covered in soft, sturdy, silicone spikes provide calming sensory stimulation with no noise or mess.
  • FIDGET TOYS CAN INCREASE TEST SCORES: Studies have shown dramatic increases in test scores when kids are allowed to fidget while studying and completing schoolwork.
  • GREAT FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Spike fidget pencil grips can benefit everyone--especially those with autism, anxiety, focusing issues, ADD, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and other attention issues.
  • IMPROVE FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Spike fidget grips add girth and weight to pencils, making it easier to comfortably grip the pencil, and providing more sensory feedback to the hand, which helps strengthen fingers while writing.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Made from naturally antibacterial silicone, these pencil grips are hypoallergenic and nontoxic, as well as BPA-, phthalate-, latex-, and odor-free. They're easy to clean, dishwasher- safe, and can be sterilized by boiling.
  • USE THEM WITH THE MATCHING PENCIL TOPPERS: Pair these sensory pencil grips with the matching toppers (707114, sold separately.)
  • USE THEM WITHOUT PENCILS, TOO: Children can also hold the Spike Fidget Gripper in the palm of their hand and use it as a discreet fidget tool.
  • PATENT PENDING: These sensory pencil grips sport a unique, patent- pending design you won't find anywhere else. Give your students a quiet, tactile way to release energy and anxiety without disturbing the rest of the class with fidget pencil grips.


Brand Name
US Toy
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Ages 6+ / Grades 1+
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