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Solid Color Carpet - Dark Green 5'10" x 8'5" Rectangle

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Learning Carpets
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Our solid educational rugs provide a little pizzazz for classrooms that have become drab and need to find fresh ways to stimulate young minds. Color helps maximizes engagement and transforms spaces into inspiring and memorable imaginariums where children can learn, create, develop and grow. When children feel comfy in spaces they often tend to socialize more and create stronger friendships as well. Designing a fun and functional space is easy and it can all start with a colorful carpet.

  • COLORFUL BABY OR KIDS CARPET: Transform your learning space into a magical and enchanting experience. This carpet might act as a river near a jungle basecamp for budding naturalists to explore the landscape, or a grotto near a cool river where fairies flit. Wherever your tots' imaginations travel, this carpet will be a fabulous launching pad and a cozy spot to give rest to the weary or share a snack with a friend.
  • MAXIMIZE IN HOME LEARNING: Keeping kids engaged throughout the day can be a challenge. Why not put the "fun" back into functional classroom furniture by adding a splash of color to your homeschool or playroom? Educational rugs make it easy to segment a room into different learning nooks designed to maximize engagement. The carpet is the base that begins the process. Next, just add a few age-appropriate pieces of furniture and you are ready to go!
  • DURABLE RUG FOR HOME OR CLASSROOM USE: Printed, cut pile, educational rugs are made from 100% polyamide. Treated to be stain, water and fade resistant, these carpets are able to withstand rugged wear and tear. The sturdy backing increases sound and thermal insulation while preventing wrinkling and creasing. Double serged edges ensure the carpets won't fray.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Rugs have a low pile that is easy to keep clean.
  • DIMENSIONS: 70" x 101". WARRANTY: Limited lifetime. AGES: All.

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Learning Carpets
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Learning Carpets
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