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Magnetic Alphabet Arc And Task Cards

Item # R166264
Really Good Stuff
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Product Overview

Build and reinforce letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, and letter sequencing skills with these colorful task cards plus magnetic mats and letters. The cards provide six different types of activities (40 activities total) to make differentiation easy: put letters in ABC order; fill in the missing letters; match upper- to lowercase letters; find the beginning, middle, or ending sounds; complete the words; and build CVC words. This set includes two pairs of mats: one for lowercase letters and one for uppercase letters. Each pair shows the full alphabet on one mat and vowels only on the other mat for a bigger challenge. Great for small group and partner work.

  • 4 different magnetic mats
  • Size: 18" by 12" each

  • 52 lowercase and 52 uppercase magnetic letters
  • Size: ¾" to 1" each

  • 21 double-sided, laminated cards (including cover card)
  • Size: 7 3/8 " by 4¾" each

  • 1 storage bag
  • Really Good Instructional Guide