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Really Good Phonics™ Word Segmenting and Blending Kit - L- and R-Blends and Three-Letter Blends Card Set

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Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
This word segmenting and blending kit features 120 words. It is an interactive kit that students can work with independently. Each of the cards in numbered so that students can record answers in a log or journal, or just to let you know which cards they have completed. Students read the word, segment the sounds or phonemes by recording their answer with a dry-erase marker, placing chips for each phoneme, and then blending the sounds while picking the magnetic chips up with the magnetic wand, and then finally writing the word. There are 60 cards, 100 chips, and six wands, so this set can be used in a small group setting or used independently or in centers. Break the kit up so that six students can work at the same time. Make sure you check out all of our Really Good Phonics™ line for more products to help your students master reading through phonics instruction.

  • WHAT YOU GET: This boxed set includes one instruction card and 60 double-sided cards which measure 10” x 5”, 100 magnetic chips which measure .75”, and six magnetic wands which measure 7.6” x 1”.
  • 120 WORDS: Within the 60 double-sided cards, are 120 words for students to read, segment, and then blend in an interactive, hands-on way.
  • MAGNETIC WANDS AND CHIPS: Students are sure to be engaged in segmenting out the different phonemes of word with the magnetic chips. After they segment, students then blend the sounds or phonemes together to say the word featured.
  • LAMINATED: This set is laminated for long-lasting usage. The lamination is dry erase so that students can write on the cards with dry erase markers.
  • CREATED BY TEACHERS: At Really Good Stuff, our products are created by teachers, so you know the product is rich and full of content that is perfect for helping students. Our teachers want you to get the most out of each product.


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
Age / Grade
Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
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Really Good Stuff