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Really Good Stuff® Blends and Digraphs Pocket Chart Card Set

Item # 308229
Really Good Stuff®
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Pick A Photo And Build The Word With Blends And Digraphs Cards
Give kids a lively, hands-on way to build words. They choose a picture card and then find the onset and rime cards to build that word. In addition to blends and digraphs, the set offers practice with both long- and short- vowel word families.

  • Hands-On Practice With Blends And Digraphs: No more dull, dry word practice! This card set adds color and interactivity to word-building. Kids pick a full-color photo card, and then use the word-part cards to build the word depicted in the picture.
  • 115 Word-Building Cards: This card set provides 48 double-sided photo cards plus 60 onset and rime cards that kids can use to build the words shown in those pictures. The set also includes seven sound position cards.
  • Use The Cards With Our Desktop Pocket Chart: The cards can be used on their own or with our desktop pocket chart (307455, sold separately). The stand-alone tent chart has four clear pockets to hold the cards. It sits on a desk or tabletop while in use and folds flat for compact storage. Make word-building fun with cards that show engaging, full-color photos plus onsets and rimes to build those words.

60 onset and rime cards * Size: 3" by 4" each *
48 double-sided photo cards * Size: 3" by 4" each *
7 sound position cards * Size: 3" by 1" each *
Really Good Instructional Guide *
1 plastic zip-top storage bag


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
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Really Good Stuff