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Really Good Stuff® Magnetic Read, Build, And Write Boards with Magnetic Sight Words and Letters Kit

Item # R308141
Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
We've combined the trickiest Dolch and Fry sight words with lowercase Magnetic Letters and two-sided dry erase Magnetic Activity Boards to make sight-word recognition activities fun and interactive. This multisensory Kit makes the perfect individual, small group, or center activity where young learners use the stay-put 50 magnetic Sight-Word Cards with letter shape boxes, 80 lowercase Magnetic Letters with color-coded vowels and consonants, and a dry erase marker to practice sight words. One side of the Magnetic Board presents an activity for reading the word, building the word, and writing the word on the Primary writing line. On the other side of the Magnetic Board, the student is challenged with a different level of activity by reading the word, building the word, writing the word, and writing the word in a sentence. This 4-strategy approach will have your students fluently reading and writing important high-frequency words in no time!

  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: This interactive Kit includes 80 lowercase Magnetic Letters (blue consonants and red vowels 1" to 1¾"); 50 vinyl Magnetic Sight-Word Cards with letter boxes (2½" to 3½"); 2 dry erase Magnetic Activity Boards (10" by 10"), a Storage Bag, and a Really Good Instructional Guide with instructions for use and suggestions for differentiation.
  • HELP STRUGGLING STUDENTS WITH VISUAL CLUES: Emergent readers will benefit from the white letter boxes on the Word Cards to emphasizes the word shape and from the color-coded consonants and vowels. Different levels of activity on each side of the board allow for differentiation.
  • STUDENTS INTERACT WITH SIGHT WORDS IN MULTIPLE WAYS: This activity not only helps students automatically read key sight words but also invites them to use the Activity Boards to read, build, write, and use the words in a sentence.
  • CAREFULLY COMPILED SIGHT WORD LIST: Students will practice high-frequency words from a list including Dolch and Fry sight words that has been assembled by ELA experts.
  • EASY FOR LITTLE HANDS TO MANIPULATE: The Magnetic Sight-Word Cards and Magnetic Letters stay right where students put them as they read, build, and write words and sentences.


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
Age / Grade
Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
Assembly Required
Really Good Stuff