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Blends and Digraphs Pocket Chart Tent And Cards Kit - 1 pocket chart, 115 cards

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Practice Decoding One-Syllable Words With Blends And Digraphs
Give kids a lively, hands-on way to build words. They choose a picture card, place it in the desktop pocket chart, and then find the onset and rime cards to build that word. In addition to blends and digraphs, the cards offer practice with both long- and short-vowel word families.

  • Hands-On Practice With Blends And Digraphs: No more dull, dry word practice! This desktop pocket chart and card set adds color and interactivity to word-building. Kids pick a full-color photo card, place it in the first pocket, and then find the word-part cards to build the word in the other pockets.
  • 115 Word-Building Cards: This card set provides 48 double-sided picture cards plus 60 onset and rime cards that kids use to build the words shown in those pictures. The seven sound position cards can be used to label the pockets.
  • Space-Saving, Fold-Up Desktop Tent: Students easily slip the cards into the four clear pockets of the desktop chart to build words with blends and digraphs. The foldable chart assembles easily into a tent with Velcro to hold it in position. It lies flat for compact storage when not in use. Kids will love spelling words with blends and digraphs using this desktop pocket chart and cards.

1 desktop pocket chart * Size: 14" by 6" *
60 onset and rime cards * Size: 3" by 4" each *
48 double-sided photo cards * Size: 3" by 4" each *
7 sound position cards * Size: 3" by 1" each *
Really Good Instructional Guide *
1 plastic zip-top storage bag


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Really Good Stuff®
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Really Good Stuff