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Magnetic Dry Erase Boards With Coded Plastic Letters - 24 Student Class Pack

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Supply Your Whole Class With Our New, Improved Magnetic Boards And Letters
Support word-building practice for 24 students with this classroom set of lapboards and letters. The upgraded, magnetic dry erase boards are durable, with a more attractive backing. Small enough to fit in students' laps, they're perfect for working with the color-coded lowercase plastic magnet letters. When students are finished, they sort the letters into the labeled compartments of the alphabet cases for easy organization.*Enough For Every Student! This set of 24 boards and 960 plastic letters will supply your whole class. It comes with plenty of the most common letters for word-building, plus four storage cases to hold all those letters!*Sturdy Whiteboard Construction: We updated the design of our whiteboards, making them more durable and giving them a more attractive backing.*Magnetic Letters Stick Tight! With two strong magnets on the back, these letters stick to the whiteboards and don't slide around.*Red Vowels And Blue Consonants: The vowels and consonants are different colors to help students distinguish them. The set also contains two versions of the letters a and g so students can learn to recognize both.*Perfect Size Boards For Students: These 12" by 9" boards fit nicely in students' laps or on their desks.*4 Sturdy Plastic Cases Make Clean-Up A Breeze! The labeled compartments in the four plastic storage cases make it easy for students to put the letters away when they're done. Secure lids on each case prevent spills.Give every student in your class a durable whiteboard and plenty of magnetic letters for word-building!
4 storage cases with 28 compartments each * Size: 16 "L X 10 "W X 2"H * 52 stickers to label them (includes lower and upper case alphabet letters * Spanish letters * numbers 0 - 9 * math symbols * money symbols * one blank.) * 24 single-sided * magnetic dry erase boards * Size: 12" by 9" each * 960 plastic letters * Size: 1" to 1" each


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Really Good Stuff®
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