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Word Building Sliders: Blends and Digraphs - 27 sliders

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Get your students engaged in a fun activity for word building that uses recognizable language and images to focus on how blends and digraphs function. Each sturdy plastic Slider (27 included) provides students with practice building four words with the same blend or digraph and offers self-checking on the other side. The Sliders are color-coded in five blend or digraph groupings consisting of l-blends, r-blends, s-blends, digraphs, and miscellaneous. Students read the blend or digraph, move the sliding Phonogram Card to line it up one of the phonograms with the blend or digraph, and read the word. Next, they move the sliding Picture Card until the image matches the word. Then, to self-check, they turn the Slider over to look for matching symbols indicating a correct answer.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: The Word Building Sliders set includes 27 plastic sliders (4½"" x 6"" each), 1 Instruction Card (5"" by 6½""), and a Storage Box with lid.
  • COLOR-CODED SLIDERS MAKE SCAFFOLDING SELECTIONS EASY: The colors of each Slider represent a different type of grouping for blends and digraphs so it’s easy to find exactly what you need: l-blends (aqua), r-blends (lavender), s-blends (green), digraphs (gray), and miscellaneous (brown.)
  • REINFORCE READING COMPREHENSION: Students use the combination of letters and images to boost reading comprehension and expand their vocabulary.
  • EMPOWER STUDENTS WITH SELF-CHECKING: The reverse side of each Slider features shape-matching answer windows for students to self-check their work. Students will love seeing those matching shapes for a correct answer!
  • VERSATILE SLIDERS FOR YOUR CLASSROOM: These hands-on Word Building Sliders - Blends and Digraphs are perfect for individual, partners, and small group lessons and activities. Your students will love the challenge of completing all 27 Sliders correctly!


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Really Good Stuff®
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