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Really Good Stuff® Centro de Aprendizaje: Figrate! Lenguaje Figurado

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Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 9+ / Grades 4+
Explore Different Kinds of Figurative Language
This Standards-based content, ready-made center challenges students to critically think about language and examine various types of figurative language and expressions. Students interpret figurative phrases in the context of short reading passages. Players spin, answer a multiple-choice question, and earn a point if the answer is correct. Players can earn extra points by naming the type of figurative language used: simile, metaphor, idiom, personification, hyperbole, sarcasm, or onomatopoeia. Great for building language fluency. All material including task/instruction card is in Spanish. The guide is in English. For independent play, this product is Self-checking. *REINFORCE SKILLS: Practice fun activities while learning necessary skills*INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Children can easily complete and interact with these materials independently*TEACHING GUIDE INCLUDED: a Really Good Instructional Guide is included to cover activities and supporting reproducible in English*TARGETED SKILLS: Boost the same key skills children are learning in the classroom*GRAB AND GO contents neatly packaged in this convenient snap closured bag to learn anywhere or on the go
6 text cards * Size: 5" by 7" each * 30 question cards * Size: 2" by 3" each * 1 reference card * Size: 8" by 11" * 3 double-sided answer key cards * Size: 8" by 11" each * 1 score card * Size: 8" by 11" * 1 spinner * Size: 5" by 5" * 1 laminated task card * Size: 9" by 6" * Really Good Instructional Guide * 1 hanging plastic bag * Size: 11" by 13"


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
Age / Grade
Ages 9+ / Grades 4+
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