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Spanish Main Idea and Supporting Details Sort and Write Level 1 Literacy Center

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Distinguish Main Idea And Supporting Details In Reading And Writing
This Standards-based content, ready-made center challenges students to gain a deeper understanding of both literary and informational text. Students use multiple reading strategies to comprehend fiction and nonfiction text in this engaging reading comprehension game. The game mat guides students through text, prompting them to make personal connections, identify various text elements, summarize, predict, ask questions, and more. Each space poses a unique challenge requiring students to use before, during, and after reading strategies to move forward. Through repeated play, students internalize these strategies with the goal of applyling them when encountering novel text. All material including task/instruction card is in Spanish. The guide is in English.*REINFORCE SKILLS: Practice fun activities while learning necessary skills*INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Children can easily complete and interact with these materials independently*TEACHING GUIDE INCLUDED: a Really Good Instructional Guide is included to cover activities and supporting reproducible in English*TARGETED SKILLS: Boost the same key skills children are learning in the classroom*GRAB AND GO contents neatly packaged in this convenient snap closured bag to learn anywhere or on the go
80 cards * Size: 3" by 2" each * 2 mats * Write Again wipe-off laminate * Size: 8" by 11" each * 1 laminated task card * Size: 9" by 6" * 1 hanging plastic bag * Size: 11" by 13"

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