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TIME FOR KIDS® Informational Text Grade 2 Spanish 30-Book Set

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Ages 7+ / Grades 2+
Reading is an adventure with these engaging books written in Spanish! Each book features engaging layouts, TIME FOR KIDS® content, high-interest photographs, informational text, vocabulary, and sidebars. 30 softcover books. Size: 5-1/4" by 7-3/4". 24-28 pages each.

Titles include:
  • Visita a una fábrica de automóviles (A Visit to a Car Factory)
  • Visita a una granja (A Visit to a Farm)
  • Visita a una base de la Marina (A Visit to a Marine Base)
  • Próxima parada: México (Next Stop: Mexico)
  • Próxima parada: Canadá (Next Stop: Canada)
  • Próxima parada: El Caribe (Next Stop: The Caribbean)
  • ¡Terremotos! (Earthquakes!)
  • ¡Tornados y huracanes! (Tornadoes and Hurricanes!)
  • ¡Volcanes! (Volcanoes!)
  • Águilas de cerca (Eagles Up Close)
  • Caballos de cerca (Horses Up Close)
  • Serpientes de cerca (Snakes Up Close)
  • Artesanía: Vidrio soplado (Craft It: Hand-Blown Glass)
  • Construye: Rascacielos (Build It: Skyscrapers)
  • Hazlo: Chocolate (Make It: Chocolate)
  • Entra al bosque (Step into the Forest)
  • Entra al desierto (Step into the Desert)
  • Entra al bosque lluvioso (Step into the Rainforest)
  • Nuestra Tierra (Our Earth)
  • El espacio exterior (Outer Space)
  • El sistema solar (The Solar System)
  • Mira adentro: Tu cerebro (Look Inside: Your Brain)
  • Mira adentro: Tu esqueleto y músculos (Look Inside: Your Skeleton and Muscles)
  • Mira adentro: Tu corazón y pulmones (Look Inside: Your Heart and Lungs)
  • ¡Cuenta conmigo! La feria de la escuela (Count Me In! School Carnival)
  • ¡Cuenta conmigo! El torneo de fútbol (Count Me In! Soccer Tournament)
  • ¡Cuenta conmigo! ¿Qué hay de almuerzo? (Count Me In! What's For Lunch?)
  • George Washington (Spanish Version)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (Spanish Version)
  • Susan B. Anthony (Spanish Version)


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Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 7+ / Grades 2+
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