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Tira y lee: Sílabas directas (Roll And Read: Spanish Direct Syllables) - 1 game

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Roll And Read Up To 120 Direct Syllables In Spanish!
Students Roll And Read Up To 120 Direct Syllables In Spanish! Players roll a pair of dice, find and read the syllables in the appropriate spaces on their game mats, and cover or trace the words. Play is different every time. Each pair of mats shows 30 direct syllables with picture cues. Perfect for hands-on language practice. *PLAYS DIFFERENT EVERY TIME roll the dice and use the coordinates to find the appropriate space, comes with a timer to add to the fun*TEACHING GUIDE INCLUDED a Really Good Instructional Guide is included to cover activities*LEARN UP TO 120 DIRECT SYLLABLES IN SPANISH depending on the roll of the dice, students will learn up to 120 direct syllables*HANDS ON LANGUAGE PRACTICE each mat shows 30 direct syllables with picture clues *INCLUDES: 8 different game mats; 120 plastic chips; 2 number dice and 2 letter dice; 2 sand timers; storage box
8 different game mats * Size: 8½" by 11" each * 120 transparent plastic colored chips * Size: ¾" diameter each * 4 dice (2 each of 2 different dice) * Size: approximately 1" by 1" * 2 3-minute sand timers * 1 storage box * Size: 10" by 12" * Really Good Instructional Guide


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