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12" X 9" Magnetic One-Sided Dry Erase Board Set - 36-Pack

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Supply 36 Students With Our New, Improved Magnetic Dry Erase Boards, Markers, And Erasers!
Students love to practice on their very own magnetic dry erase boards. Our 12" by 9" boards are small enough to fit in kids' laps, yet big enough for forming words with dry erase markers or magnetic letters. These new, improved boards are durable and have a more attractive backing. This set includes 36 boards, 36 dry erase markers, and 36 erasers.*Sturdy Construction: We updated the design of our whiteboards, making them more durable and giving them a more attractive backing.*Perfect Size For Students: These 12" by 9" boards fit nicely in students' laps or on their desks.*Boards Support A Variety Of Subjects: Build words with magnet letters. Solve math problems or write sentences with a dry erase marker. These boards will come in handy for every subject.*Outfit The Whole Class With This 36-Pack: In addition to 36 student- sized magnetic whiteboards, this pack includes 36 dry erase markers and 36 erasers, too!Outfit a class of 36 students with magnetic whiteboards, dry erase markers, and erasers in one handy kit!
36 single-sided * magnetic Write Again® boards * Size: 12" by 9" each (Size may vary up to ½".) * 36 Deluxe Write Again® dry erase markers * Color: black * 36 erasers


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Really Good Stuff®
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