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Excellerations® Prewriting Sand & Light Table Tray Set of 4

From $104.99

Product Overview

These beautiful wooden sand tray sets come complete with 1 lb. of sand and a chalkboard lid is perfect for letter-writing practice.
  • Three plastic sheets in red, yellow and blue can be inserted inside the tray under a clear acrylic base
  • Place the tray on top of a light table for color mixing and to enrich the child's experience when learning to write letters
  • Tray size: 8.85" x 8.85" x 2.55
  • 1lb. of Sandtastik® sand included in each set
  • Tray can hold lid straight for teachers to write letters on chalkboard
  • Extra clear plastic sheet provided to place on top of acrylic tray base for extra acrylic protection when sand is placed inside tray