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Really Good Stuff® Dry Erase Boards - Set Of 6 - 6 Colors

Item # 166026
Really Good Stuff®
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Boards, Non Magnetic Color-Coded Dry Erase Boards For Your Small Groups
Add some color to your dry erase collection with these boards with borders in six bright colors. These six double-sided, non-magnetic boards are fun to write on.*Sturdy Boards With Colorful Borders: Made of durable, mediumdensity fiberboard, these boards come in handy for quick-response activities and skills practice in just about any subject.*Double-Sided: These boards have a vibrant colored border on one side and the original dry erase board look on the other side.*Great For Color-Coding: Each board in this set has a different colored border: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. You can also order a set of six boards with a single border color (165896).*12" By 9" With Safe Rounded Corners: These boards are the perfect size to fit in students’ laps.Give your small groups color-coded dry erase boards. Borders come in 6 bright colors!
6 double-sided dry erase boards with rounded corners * colored border on one side/blank on reverse * Size: 12" by 9" each * Border colors: 1 each of red * orange * yellow * green * blue * and purple


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Really Good Stuff®
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