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Really Good Stuff® Writing Text Types Journals - Set of 12

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Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 11+ / Grades 6+
In the Writing Text Types Journal, kids explore and practice three different styles of writing. Children will practice building their writing skills to persuade the reader by arguing a claim or opinion (opinion/argument/persuasive), inform the reader about or explain a topic (informative/explanatory), and engage or entertain the reader with a story (narrative).

  • BUILDS ESSENTIAL WRITING SKILLS: The writing text types journal gives children valuable practice reinforcing and mastering the three different styles of writing – opinion/argument/persuasive, informative/explanatory, and narrative. Also includes information for kids on how to organize their ideas in the writing process.
  • CREATED BY TEACHERS: The 24-page journal, set of 12, is a teacher-developed, supplemental curriculum product designed to help children practice and build on important writing skills. The journal measures 8.50 x 11 inches. For ages 11 years and up.
  • HANDS-ON LEARNING: Children plan what they will write, and think about reasons and examples, facts, or characters and settings. The journal is packed with informative content for kids – including how to choose a text type, audience, purpose, tone, language, text structure, and signal word boxes. There is also plenty of space for kids to write their rough drafts and the final piece.
  • SETS KIDS UP FOR WRITING SUCCESS: Children develop the skills they need for writing the different text types with focused practice and gain valuable confidence in the process!

  • Set of 12 Journals
  • 24 Pages
  • 8.5" x 11"


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
Age / Grade
Ages 11+ / Grades 6+
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Really Good Stuff