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Addition And Subtraction Basic Facts Stacking Tiles Game - 1 game

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Provide Hands-On Addition and Subtraction Practice To 10 Or 20 With This Tile Stacking Game
Students will be completely engaged in addition and subtraction math fact practice as they stack the tiles on the work mats and write equations on dry erase cards to improve their math fact fluency. This highly motivating alternative to paper and pencil or flash card practice offers two skill levels for easy differentiation.*4 Write-On/Wipe-Off Practice Cards: With these cards, kids can write in the numbers and operation symbols with a dry erase marker and erase when theyre done.*4 Double-Sided Mats In 2 Levels: The durable stacking mats offer practice with numbers to 10 on one side and with numbers to 20 on the other side for easy differentiation of skills practice.*100 Stackable Tiles In 2 Colors: This set includes 50 blue tiles and 50 yellow tiles for kids to stack and build addition and subtraction skills in two levels. The tiles nest together.*More Fun Than Paper And Pencil: A durable alternative to flash cards and worksheets, this engaging stacking tiles game provides a unique, interactive, hands-on format for math practice. See who can make the highest stack!*Builds Math Fact Fluency: As they stack the tiles on the mats and write the equations on the cards, students build automaticity in recognizing math facts. Soon they will know what 2 + 3 or 13 + 5 equals automatically, without having to do the math each time.*Durably Made:Invite kids to play with these sturdy stacking mats, plastic tiles, and dry erase cards day after day and year after year. Theyre made to stand up to vigorous use by young children.*Perfect For Math Centers: This tile stacking game makes a useful addition to any classroom math center.Add this one-of-a-kind tile stacking game to your math center to give students super-fun math fact practice with numbers to 10 or 20!
4 double-sided * laminated equation cards * Size: 6" by 3" each * 4 double-sided stacking mats * numbers to 10 on one side and to 20 on the other * Size: 6" by 13" each * folds to 6" by 6" each * 100 stackable plastic tiles * Size: 13/8" by 13/8" each * Color: 50 yellow tiles * 50 blue tiles * 1 instruction card * Size: 6" by 6" * 1 storage box with lid


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Really Good Stuff®
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