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Budget Your Money - Menu Game - 1 game

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Reinforce Multiple Math Skills With This Innovative Money Budgeting Menu Game
This innovative, interactive game reinforces multiple math skills, including addition with decimals and money/budgeting. Students order from a menu for either breakfast or lunch/dinner by choosing food items that will fit within a specific minimum/maximum amount. The game requires students to add and line up decimals so the cost comes out correctly. It also tests budgeting skills. A great game offering real-life applications, it can be played with a partner, and makes a nice addition to an intermediate math center.*Support Multiple Math Skills: This interactive math budgeting game reinforces the skills of addition, budgeting, lining up decimals, and understanding minimum and maximum amounts.*Ready-Made Center Activity: With so many different skills being applied and tested, this game makes an ideal intermediate math center activity!*Play With A Partner: The game can be played alone, but playing with a partner enhances the skills practice and adds to the fun.*Reusable And Sturdy: The write-on/wipe-off game is sturdily made and can be reused year after year. It will stand up to whatever kids dish out!*Game With Real-Life Applications: The skills targeted in this game have real-life applications. Kids will be able to relate the challenge of adding up menu items and keeping within a budget to their lives outside of the classroom.Money budgeting menu game reinforces multiple math skills and gives kids a chance to work out real-life math applications!
4 laminated menus * Size: 18" by 12" each * folds to 6" by 12" * 20 laminated food value cards in a zip-top bag * Size: 3" by 4" each * 4 double-sided * write-on/wipe-off work mat order forms * Size: 5" by 7" each * 1 laminated instruction card * Size: 6" by 12" * Zip-top storage bag * Size: 8" by 13"


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