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Math Fact Fluency Games Addition and Subtraction Through 20 - 4 sets of games

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Multiple Sets Of Two Lively Addition and Subtraction Games In One Kit!
Kids will love playing these two games to practice their addition and subtraction facts. This set gives you four game boards, each with Bump on one side (bump your opponent off the board!) and Capture on the other side (capture your opponent's counters!). With two players at each board, you can keep eight kids actively engaged in math practice at once!*4 Game Boards Have Different Games On Each Side: Kids will be intrigued by the bright, uniquely shaped boards. They can play Bump on one side, in which they solve addition and subtraction problems and try to bump their opponent off the board. They can play Capture on the other side of the board. The object of this game is to solve math problems and capture the other player's counters.*4 Decks Of Math-Problem Cards And 180 Colorful Counters: Students use one of the four identical decks of cards with each game board. Each deck has 30 cards, each with a different addition and subtraction problem on it. The problems offer plenty of practice with addition and subtraction through 20.*8 Laminated Scoreboards: Each player gets his or her own scoreboard to keep track of play. The mats are laminated for durability. Use them over and over!Make addition and subtraction practice exciting with this set of two entertaining games for up to 8 players at once.
4 identical double-sided game boards * different game on each side * Size: 21" by 3" each * 4 identical decks of 30 cards each in zip-top bags * Size: 2" by 2" each * 8 identical scoring mats * Size: 3" by 10" each * 1 instruction card * Size: 6" by 10" * 180 round plastic counters * Size: 3/4" diameter each * 1 storage box * For up to 8 players


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