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Treasure Chest Sight Word Game

Item # R167058
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Product Overview

Ages 5+ / Grades K+
Students go on an educational adventure as they practice reading sight words with this Treasure Chest game that works just like Battleship.*[b]On The Hunt:[/b] Students try to capture each other's treasure chests by correctly reading the sight word in the box where the treasure is hidden and using the word in a sentence.*[b]3-D Sight-Word Practice:[/b] Player 1 calls out a plot point on the grid. Player 2 writes the word that's in that square on a card for Player 1 to read. If there's a treasure chest in that square, Player 1 must also use the word in a sentence. He or she then gets to keep the treasure chest. Then it's Player 2's turn. Players mark their tent grids with an X to keep track of the locations previously called.*[b]Double-Sided, Magnetic Boards Feature Carefully Selected Sight Words:[/b] Each side of the magnetic boards has a different selection of words. All featured words were chosen from our list of 100 common sight words carefully compiled by our ELA experts.*[b]Track Progress:[/b] To keep track of which sight words have been called, players write them on a convenient write-on/wipe-off card.*[b]Keep Kids Entertained:[/b] Use this game as part of a lesson plan, for a small group project, or even as an activity for indoor recess.


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Ages 5+ / Grades K+
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